Mount a host folder in a container

  1. Stop the container
  2. Run the pct set command like the example below to create a mapping:
    pct set <vmid> -mp0 /media/1tb,mp=/media/1tb 

    What does this command mean?

  • pct set - command to change container settings
  • <vmid> - id of the container (i.e. 103)
  • -mp0 - identifier of the mountpoint. Multiple mountpoints would be subsequently named. (i.e. -mp1, -mp2, -mp3, etc.)
  • /media/1tb - folder on host
  • ,mp=/media/1tb - destination mount folder inside container

Repository Pinning

Alpine allows you to ‘pin’ repositories so that you can pull packages from different package streams. Add the repositories in /etc/apk/repositories:


Save and update your repositories. You can then install from the pinned repos.

apk update
apk add stableapp newapp@edge bleedingapp@testing
Install a specific version of an app.

Specific app versions can be installed using a simple syntax:

apk add asterisk=
# or
apk add 'asterisk<1.6.1'

Cron in Alpine (i.e. BusyBox Cron)

The easiest way to get a script to run is to place it in one of several pre-setup directories:


If these don’t work for you, you can add your script the normal way in /etc/crontabs/root.


  • Make sure your script is executable by root!
  • Your script should NOT end with .sh.

Important Directories

Container configuration file


Default container OS configuration files


Remove Proxmox subscription nag popup

Proxmox 4.3

  1. Backup the file /usr/share/pve-manager/ext6/pvemanagerlib.js
  2. Edit the file /usr/share/pve-manager/ext6/pvemanagerlib.js
  3. Find the line that says if (data.status !== 'Active') (around line 557)
  4. Change to if (false)
  5. Save and quit

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